Welcome to the Wandering Honeybadger’s Den on the Internet.

Here you will find photographic galleries, and blog stories from my own ongoing and ever growing travels and adventures around the world, as well as recommendations on travel gear, and travel providers, and general travel tips. 

My credential are that I travel at lot, about 5 months out of each year, and I take photographs to document those travels, ha ha, so I have evidence.   Occasionally I also describe them in words because I believe it is my path to personal enlightenment to be able to create and share this experiences with others.  It’s also a great way for me to kickoff an instant replay to a place back in time and space that would have otherwise faded in memory.

Highlights – check out my latest trips, which include: 

Other destinations with descriptive posts and images are listed on the right hand side, under Blog Topics – Around the World, with new posts being added as I visit new destinations, and as time permits that I retroactively write about previous adventures.

Upcoming Trips:  Photographing Polar Bears on the Beaufort Sea, no-cage scuba diving with Tiger and Hammerhead sharks in the Bahamas, and ???

This is a blog for travelers, not so much for tourists. 

My Favourite Travel Quote:

“Of the gladdest moments in human life, methinks is the departure upon a distant journey to unknown lands. Shaking off with one mighty effort the fetters of habit, the leaden weight of Routine, the cloak of many Cares and the Slavery of Home, man feels once more happy.”

Sir Richard Burton, Journal Entry (2 December 1856)


Honeybadger Don’t Care, Honeybadger Don’t Give a Shit.. It just Writes What it Wants..


If you are wondering about the Honeybadger moniker, it’s a nickname from colleagues, more details here.

So when reading written words or viewing a photograph or a video, its always important to consider the motivation of the writer/creator, whats the purpose, particularly important for just imagery.  So my motivation is very selfish, I am writing this for me – simple as that.   I do this for me first, to document it as a memory of my adventures and impressions.. read my post – “Thy Mother Mated With A Scorpion” for more background on the photography and blogging aspect, but I am happy to share the details of these experiences with others as well.  I want to be clear that I have no need for embellishments or exaggeration – “to thine own self be true”, I tell it like it happened, and I photograph what I see, nothing is posed by me. When I or if do something with models, they would be appropriately noted and credited.

When mental infirmity afflicts me, or simply old age, I will be able to look back and relive all my previous adventures as long as I can read, view, or see, and comprehend.   And I am getting better at taking notes while underway in order to capture reminders of the richness of the experience, the great parts and the not so great parts..  It wouldn’t be as much of an adventure if everyone did it, to paraphrase one of my most highly respected teachers “It wouldn’t nearly as worthwhile if we made it easy for you”..  ha ha words to live by for sure.

I am a photographer, both by inclination and training,  so this site has plenty of unique images that I have captured in my travels.  My tendency is to shoot first (photographically that is) based on what I see and find interesting or what strikes my muse, and then ask questions, do research, and write commentary afterwards.  Consequently this blog is more of a photo-essay of images, with a bit of narrative in between to act as glue.  And yes, I look for the exceptional views and the quirky stuff to photograph, capture the moment etc..  that’s what I get the most personal satisfaction from, and amusement.

My travel style is much closer to that of a “Flashpacker” than a “Backpacker”, as I seek a bit more comfort than is normally found in backpacker hostels and dormitories.  Yet where I normally stay is a far cry from luxurious 5 star accommodations or eating in western style restaurants.   I prefer a completely flexible schedule that is under my absolute control, so I tend to do all my own travel logistics, rather than taking packaged tours, although I do the latter on occasion, when there is a compelling deal or advantage (like local knowledge for photos), of I get want a short break from doing it all myself.  I like to immerse myself as much as possible in new cultures,  so I walk a lot, with camera in hand, exploring how the real people live by getting into their neighborhoods.

So another component of this website is a collection of travel tips and recommendations, because I travel a lot, and I have a few things figured out that I am happy to pass on.

I have truly lead a honey badger existence at various times, i.e. eaten really “nasty” food before, been bitten or stung by a variety of things, and I still eat a dab of honey every day (along with a shot of Baileys) in my coffee every morning in order to keep my “coat of fur” shiny…

In truth of fact though, I much prefer eating really tasty and delicious food, so much so that my Thai friends say I have a ลิ้นจระเข้ – Lin Jorakay – A Crocodile’s Tongue – meaning someone who seeks out the very best food. So please do check back often for updates, or subscribe to my newsletter, I will adding stories and photographs regularly.

Next destinations are looking to be possibly back to Africa this summer, and where for this winter  2019/2020 is still to be considered.

Note:  I am very pleased to state that I offset 10 tons of carbon this year (my flying creates .6 tons annually), via reforestation projects in Panama and East Timor. See more on my blog