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The new Apple Mac processors, M1 are really great.  I would NOT use anything other than a Mac for editing photos and video, and these new ones are very impressive.. the new Mac Mini is about 1/3 of the cost of a 2018 Macbookpro, but beats the Macbookpro in almost every test with the photo software packages I use.

So DONT consider buying a new computer unless its one of these new M1 macs (or M2 etc).  Also get a minimum of 16 GB ram, and 1 Tb of disk.  They are also much much cooler, so they will last longer, and when the software programs are updated to run directly on the M1 rather than using the rosetta emulator, they will run even faster!   See

For people that are out in the camps when on touring, you need something with a screen that is portable, so the new M1 Macbook air or 13″ Macbook Pro would be good, or a 16″ M? Macbook pro when they get released.   But if you would be doing your editing at home, you could get away with a Mac Mini, but you would need to find a decent monitor (I use a 32″ wide gamut AOC monitor).

Software I use includes, Capture One, Aurora, Topaz Denoise, Topaz Sharpen, Luminar 2018, Photoshop. 


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