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My photo-editing Workflow

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Software I use includes, Capture One, Aurora, Topaz Denoise, Topaz Sharpen, Luminar 2018, Photoshop. 

FYI – my photo workflow is

1) import RAW files from camera/card into Capture One – I use C1 for cataloguing and basic edits.

2) I like wide dynamic range, so I do a pseudo HDR process, where I create 3 export copies at -1.0 0 and +1.0 ev as 16 bit TIFF in Adobe RGB color space files and import into Aurora to combine them into one image.

3) Export full res, 16 bit TIFF in Adobe RGB color space again, open in Topaz Denoise and apply Denoise and some sharpening.   If really needs massive sharpening, then use AI Sharpen, export in 16 bit TIFF in Adobe RGB color space again.

4) Then I do my visual editing in something like Luminar, I use Luminar 2018, because the current Luminar programs arent very good.  When I am happy with the look of it, I export out again in 16 bit TIFF in Adobe RGB color space

5) If I think any difficult retouching is required, I would normally use photoshop at this point.

6) Then I import that TIFF back into my master catalog within Capture One.  In Capture One I do any colour correction, cropping, exposure/contrast, vignetting, any fine tuning, dust removal and any simple retouching.   then I use Capture One recipes to create my working/distribution files which are either jpegs or PNG, in sRGB color space at whatever resolution/size I require.

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