Going Wild for Tanzania – the movie

Wandering Honeybadger Studios is pleased to present “Going Wild for Tanzania” for your entertainment – now available on Youtube via the embedded version above, or a direct link at https://youtu.be/ncO5k5Qhv98. Note: best viewed full screen!

Is it a tongue-in-cheek nature mockumentary making fun of our inclination towards anthropomorphism via a “What’s Up Tiger Lily” style mashup, an info-promo about Tanzania, a Wandering Honeybadger’s vacation video that chronicles a “Grand Circuit” safari tour, an adventure thriller, or a life and death drama?

Perhaps a bit of each, all rolled into one 5.5 minute film with a short trailer that contains more graphic nature content, that also teases a return for calving season with a mentorship opportunity for photographers.

This video was shot over the course of two trips, comprising 45 days of safari and visiting ten of Tanzania’s national parks and places in between (Northern + Southern + Western circuits), via a trusty land cruiser named “Patricia”, and in the company of my skillful guide, friend, and mentee, Mr. Edwin Mramba of Pumba Safaris. Edwin is the one who asked me “how are you at doing short videos?”, which prompted me to start this project, and this film is what I came up with.

I hope you enjoy the adventure, and if you would like to support one of my future film projects check out the Projects page.   You can also purchase images from the film printed on a variety of materials, from coffee cups to clothing to wall art, via https://pixels.com/profiles/brant-bady/collections/going+wild+for+tanzania.

Pumba Safaris is also offering a discount on tours if you mention the “Going Wild for Tanzania” promo https://pumba-safaris.us/