The Wandering Honeybadger’s Road Trip Playlist (with annotations)

Road Trip

I have spent a lot of time traveling and taking photographs around the world (my photoblog is at ). One of the things that I learned was that an essential aid is a decent travel / road-trip playlist.  I also learned that these playlists can become interwoven with the trip itself, the song track of your own personal particular journey and experience.   

Given that I have more than a month of photo-safari planned for Tanzania (hopefully in 2023), and tooling around in a Land Cruiser with my driver & guide we definitely need some great tunes to listen to!  Hence this project to create the ultimate road trip playlist, with a little help from my traveling friends.  Hopefully you will enjoy this curated playlist as well, and find the annotated comments below useful as well.

I appreciate that many songs are about relationships, but easily interchangeable with traveling. Your mileage may vary.   Contributions and suggestions are very welcome – just send an email to with your suggestion as to why you think it should be included and I will seriously consider it.  If accepted will include your note in the list below. 


Playlist Notes and References


Still Corners – The Trip.   A newer song, with three different video cuts of it available, including the official Video, an old film footage from Easy Rider version, and a summer holiday version. Perfect for when you have a long bus journey through Patagonia, the US Southwest, or anywhere else of similar landscape.

RUFUS DU SOL – Alive – good tune and simulated footage . I have travelled more than a few real landscapes of similar looks. This also reminds me of what I am missing not being able to jump with one of those flying suits and skim over the landscape. I really dislike heights, but that sport just blows my mind. Sadly past my prime for that kind of fun!

The Doors L.A. Woman – I was stuck on a slave ship, a 65′ Sailboat in the Marshall Islands, and a handful of Doors songs helped me get through the rough spots in the experience, esp. L.A. Woman. Great for any car drive as well.

Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive, catchy tune. Reminds me of some road trips I did on Phuket Island with a group of Thai friends etc hunting for restaurants for dinner etc.

America – Ventura Highway. In 1975 I was in my mid teens, and a buddy had just got his driver’s license, and was able to borrow his older brother’s car.  We spent a lot of time driving along highways out of the city.  The movie Vanishing Point was playing at the outdoor theatre “dawn to dusk” as one of the feature movies, etc. 

Dua Lipa Hotter – Than Hell.  She certainly is, and of course when you are out on the road and it’s hotter than hell, perhaps this tune will distract you like it did with me, in places like Death Valley USA 47 Celsius, Mae Hong Son Thailand 44, Luxor Egypt 41, Myanmar 38.

Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower, sometimes when traveling you get yourself into deep shit, things are going real bad or troublesome. For me at least, this song is a salve for that. Plus on my first visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia, you were still allowed to climb up to the top of some of the corner towers. I watched the sun go down over the Cambodian jungle from a window opening up there one evening listening to this song and few others… A watchtower indeed. Also good from the top of Tikal , Guatemala.

Diane Warren, RIta Ora, Sofia Reyes, Rek – Seaside.  All too often heading to the ocean has been my destination and reason for a road trip.

Anemone – Brian Jonestown Massacre, just a homage to Bourdain, it was his favorite song. For me, a perfect background track for Egypt, or when you are not travelling solo but your travel companion is dragging you down. 

Kansas – Carry on Wayward Son. The song is about a spiritual sojourn, looking for truth and meaning, something often motivating a trip or journey.

Duran Duran – Hungry like the Wolf. The imagery from the official video suits well, and while the song is about a hunt for a woman, it also stirs the blood for a hunt like being on a photo safari, say tigers in the jungles and forests of India, Jaguars in South America, or lions and elephants of the African savanna.

Golden – Cannons (Harry Styles cover) I like Cannons’ cover better, and as a photographer, it reminds me of walking the streets of cities around the world, or out into the wilds for landscapes. We often seek out that special time of the day, “golden hour”, before/after twilight when the sun is low in the sky and the colours are warm, as some of the best times for photography.

Jethro Tull – Bungle in the Jungle. Sometimes while on safari, one gets to witness some Bungling in the Jungling.. nature does take its course.

Numb – Linkin Park. I typically do epic journeys of two to four months at a time, usually hitting at least five or more countries. About 1 to 2 months is usually when my personal low stretch/tired phase hits, when the pace has you numb and you start to want to get away from “getting away”, its not really homesickness, perhaps more like sensation overload. I always get my second wind though and continue on back at normal energy and pace!

Still Corners – Black Lagoon. When you have found that perfect place on your journey, a cove or beach, a forest or meadow etc. and have it all to yourselves, at least for a while.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Woodstock (We Are Stardust). Perfect for when you are on a pilgrimage or spiritual journey, no matter what your faith if any may be.

The Animals – We Gotta Get Out Of This Place. My definition of an adventure: when you are in the middle of it, you are really thinking this is bad/dangerous, and you gotta get out of there, but afterwards upon reflection, you start to think, that was really cool, maybe I should do it again… that’s when you know it was an adventure!

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna Lyric Video – Title Song|Shahrukh,Rani,Preity,Abhishek|Alka YagnikI. I was traveling in the coastal Sahara Desert by taxi (on the road between Hurghada and Luxor), and my driver offered to play some music, so I said sure because I was interested in what he would come up with… and then this track hit, so I immediately wanted to know what exactly it was..

Chris Isaak – Wicked Game.  Found this useful on long train or local bus rides around the Indian Subcontinent… when my mind started drifting as I was looking for mental escape away from some physically uncomfortable situation.. .  Fond memories, or perhaps for some just fantasies, about being wicked and frolicing around on exotic beaches with exotic women in exotic locations.

Murray Head – One Night in Bangkok. Perfect song for that short-time R&R excursion to someplace exotic, and there are lots of clever quips in the lyrics of course if you know Thailand..

Robin Schulz – Sugar. On my playlist when I drove around half of Australia, esp, driving through the Outback.  I was on my own dodging oncoming truck trains on the single paved road, while avoiding the termite mound spikes poking up on the gravel sidestripes.  The former would have squashed me like a bug on the windscreen, and the last would have take out a tire, and maybe even more if you hit one.  

Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill.  For me, this song is about emphathy, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, sharing and exchanging the experience, particularly when traveling to see and learn how other people live.  Another reason that as much as possible I always avoided formal “tours”, and would do all my own travel logistics directly with the local businesses of where I was visiting and exploring.  

Coldplay – Midnight. I have done a lot of evening and night photography, Prague and Sydney come to mind, and out on a balcony in freezing cold of Dharamshala in December for a few nights trying to photograph star trails overtop the Himalayas, while by day I explored places like the Dali Lama’s Temple down in town. 

More notes to come as time and memory permits.