Photos are up for my Voyage to the Bottom of the World!

OrneHarbour-Dec 31 2017-2144 1

Seventeen Days, Twenty Seven Hundred Nautical Miles just completed… visiting the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, and the Falklands via a converted Russian acoustic research vessel, this “adventure cruise” is one of the most expensive that one can do.  Most certainly it is a place and route that only a limited number of people will ever visit and traverse – spectacular though it is in terms of scenery and wildlife.  

Having spent New Years Eve at the bottom of the world, I was able to make a rather unique New Year’s Resolution, i.e. I had “No Where But UP to Go” after this adventure!

Initial photos are now posted to the Antarctica Image Gallery.

Stay tuned for the video that includes time-lapse shots of various sections, with still images and video of animals and their interactions in context for the various locations.  Expected to be posted in March/April time frame as I am still on the road.