Creepy, Crawlies, Things that Bite & Things that Fright – Happy Halloween!

Images from the Wandering Honeybadger’s recent travels over the last year…

Tarantula, Amazon Basin, Peru

King and Black Vultures, Amazon Basin, Peru

Stink Bird, Amazon Basin, Peru

Giant River Otter, Amazon Basin, Peru

Llama’s Heart, Inta Rami Ceremony, Amazon Basin, Peru

Hammerhead Shark, Galapagos Islands

Caymen, Amazon Basin, Peru

Scorpion, Kandy, Sri Lanka


Sea Lion, Galapagos Islands

Rat Temple, near Bikaner, India

Tiger, Ranthambore Park, India

Crocodile, near Mysore, India

Leopards, Sri Lanka

Charging Elephant, Sri Lanka

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Eyelash Viper, Costa Rica

An “Imp from Hell” – Marine Iguana, Galapagos Islands


No Honeybadgers were bit, stung, gored, stomped on, nor otherwise injured nor molested in any manner by wild animals in order to make these photos.  Thankfully the wildlife was very well behaved, and that was a very nice change.  Unlike previous encounters, see:  Go Ahead Bite Me, or At Least Try To.