My Carbon Offset for this Year

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Time to do more than talk the talk, its time to walk the walk.

Since I retired in 2014 and started traveling the world (taking photos and sharing them on social media etc. etc.), I reckon my air travel generates .6 tons of carbon annually.

So for this year, I just offset 10 tons of carbon through sponsoring reforestation projects in Panama and East Timor, via the Gold Standard (a body that allows climate and development initiatives to quantify, certify, and maximize their impacts toward climate security and sustainable development).  See a guide on carbon offsets from the Suzuki Foundation

Thanks Greta for the “Kick in the Ass”!

#FridaysForFuture #climatestrike @wanderinghoneybadger

I also subscribe to the most impactful way to fight climate change

Update for 2020

This year I offset 16 tons of carbon, again through sponsoring reforestation projects via the Gold Standard