“Thy Mother Mated With A Scorpion”

I was lamenting to a friend recently about how I trained as a professional photographer in my 20’s, but never made any money directly from working behind a camera… my career was managing other peoples photos.. e.g. records, archives, digitization & preservation..

The gist of his response was..  “Brant takes photographs, not for fame, not for fortune or gold… not as a servant nor as a worker..  Brant takes photos because it is his Pleasure!”

There is a certain twisted logic and decadent elegance in that.. even if it is paraphrased/plagiarized from the movie Lawrence of Arabia, where the Arab Chieftain Auda and Lawrence are arguing about the taking of Aqaba..

So I could only follow the script, and tell him that to come up with an argument like that, surely his “mother had mated with a scorpion”  ;>)

Having said that, I am certainly not above selling my images — after the fact — in order to offset the costs of both camera gear and travel in general.  So please feel free to inquire about commercial use as well as prints for decorative purposes.