My SCUBA Resume

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The Wandering Honeybadger, Red Sea, Egypt, 2018

I was certified back in 1976 over here in Victoria, BC, Canada.  I have been diving continuously since 1976, and in addition to putting more than 5000 hours underwater in a wide variety of situations, both sport diving and commercial.  I have also dove in a variety of locations around the world. 

I hit 100 dives in 1977, my first year of diving.  I worked for the local aquarium for a few years, during which I also had the opportunity to dive with the captive juvenile Orca named Miracle on two occasions with UW camera equipment.  I shifted to more commercial diving, for two years working as a Geoduck diver, and sea urchin harvesting, via hookah rig, up in Clayoquot Sound, Barkley Sound, and down  in Victoria around the Gulf Islands. 

I have been sport diving around the world at:

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Similan Islands, Thailand

Knights Islands, New Zealand

Koronati Islands, Croatia



Marshall Islands (spent a month on a 65′ sailboat there, scuba diving every day on various atolls)


Since I retired in 2014, I have done the following dives:

Blue Hole Belize

Roatan, Honduras

Boca Del Torres, Panama

Sri Lanka


Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Australia Great Barrier Reef

Australia (shark cage)

Philippines Coron  (WW2 Japanese wrecks) see video on Youtube – Deep Deep Inside the Wrecks of Coron

Philippines El Nido & Moalboal

Philippines Oslob (1 dive with whale sharks) video on youtube at  and or more UW photos on my website

Cozumel, Mexico

The Red Sea, Egypt

Komodo Islands, Indonesia – See photo slideshow (mostly underwater)

In my diving experience I have been a primary, secondary, and witness to recovery of:  a dead body (my last dive of my course, we found and recovered), a stolen vehicle, and a gun that was used as evidence as a weapon in a successful prosecution of murder.